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September 6, 2016
The effect on my health was

Quit Smoking In A Single HOUR

(Corporate clients, I'm able to arrived at your organization to assist your employees quit smoking)

With James Barugh Adv. Hyp. NRAH, NLP, CBT, SQHP, Person in the nation's Register of Advanced Hypnotists. With more than 12 experience in Berkshire while using famous Harley Street proven technique. Personally trained by Andrew Newton, the guy that trained Paul McKenna, and Valerie Austin, well-known Hypnotherapist and author of Hypnosis books.

Hypnosis is really a proven, natural way of enhancing and altering our way of life. You will find a double edged sword to the minds, our Conscious mind which we use to do something, making choices with and our Subconscious, which controls habits like smoking, nail biting etc.

HOW Do You Use It?

Smoking is really a habit, you`ve be a smoker and the only method you are able to quit smoking would be to practice not smoking. But the moment you do not smoke, a voice inside your mind keeps suggesting to possess another cigarette. This voice may be the addiction its both mental and physical and Hypnosis can certainly override this, and take off any requirement for any self-discipline.

Now you`re getting satisfaction from using tobacco. I suppose to reduce stress, enjoyment etc. We access your subconscious and convince it that smoking isn't any healthy for you. Then transfer this satisfaction off to some thing beneficial for you, such things as sport, exercise, here we are at yourself, socialising, hobbies, family or anythig you select. Getting done that we`ve removed all of the good words from smoking and left out unhealthy words. Such things as poison, smelly, unsocialble, cancer as well as dying. This produces a mindset in your thoughts to smoking.

Now we`ve removed the satisfaction and transformed your attitude to smoking, we are able to now get rid of the cigarette, and also you don`t even miss it. Its gone forever. You feel a non-smoker, without any unwanted effects, or withdrawal symptons. I really hope this will make sense.

In quite simple terms what we should do is improve your attitude to smoking, turn that voice off in your thoughts which was suggesting to possess another cigarette. (the addiction) You feel free and no more smoke, a non-smoker for good more.

This is the way the process works, and also the cost features a backup session if needed.

It`s totally safe you`re in charge and conscious of everything thats happening whatsoever occasions, and also you can't be designed to do anything whatsoever upon your will. Its an in-depth relaxing enjoyable experience.

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