Smoke Free work environment

January 22, 2017
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women working in manufacturing plant"Probably the most effective companies took steps to change the physical work atmosphere, including offering exercise facilities . . . and banning smoking inside or around campus facilities . . . . Growing the and productivity of employees is important to both controlling costs and enhancing business productivity.”

—From Towers Watson’s survey of 512 U.S. companies having a collective $87 billion as a whole 2011 health costs. Companies that passed guidelines centered on more healthy work conditions maintained healthcare cost increases at or underneath the Towers Watson/ National Business Group on Health median within the last 4 years.

Secondhand smoke (SHS) is really a complex combination of some 7Thousand chemical substances, including almost 70 known or probable human cancer causing carcinogens.1 Health insurance and scientific government bodies all over the world agree that secondhand smoke is really a serious threat to human health which effective action must automatically get to reduce exposure:

  • The Worldwide Work Organisation (ILO) estimations that every year about 200Thousand employees die due to contact with SHS within the place of work.2
  • SHS kills over 1, 600 people worldwide every day.3
  • There's no safe degree of contact with cigarettes.1, 4

Companies and government authorities are taking decisive action to safeguard employees in the harm triggered by SHS. 100s of huge numbers of people are paid by 100% smoke-free guidelines within their places of work, which number keeps growing quickly.5

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Nicotine-free work environment | Beaumont Health System
Nicotine-free work environment | Beaumont Health System
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