Nicotine testing in the workplace

November 1, 2017

Cotinine TestAlthough legal, some companies have the necessity to test for tobacco and nicotine consumption. This is often to make sure individuals who tell you they are non-people who smoke with regards to having to pay less on their own medical health insurance rates actually are non-people who smoke. For reasons uknown a strong might need to test for tobacco and nicotine consumption, these instant saliva and urine nicotine and tobacco testing kits are simple to use, provide accurate results and therefore are affordable, particularly with bulk order discount rates.

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The NicAlert™ testing dipstick is fantastic for identifying tobacco use. It picks up cotinine, the main metabolite your body produces because it processes nicotine. Cotinine may be the preferred marker for tobacco use because cotinine stays in your body considerably longer than nicotine. The existence of cotinine in saliva or urine is really a reliable indicator of tobacco use in the past a few days.

The NicAlert™ test will identify 6 ranges of cotinine levels from ng/ml right through to 2000+ ng/ml, meaning you are able to tell not just that an individual is cigarette smoking or nicotine, but roughly just how much they're consuming (for instance, from the couple of cigarettes each day to some pack or even more).

This test is perfect for forensic only use.

iScreen Nicotine testThe Main One-Step Rapid Nicotine Test is a straightforward immunoassay test that's employed for the qualitative recognition of Cotinine in human urine. Cotinine may be the substance that's examined when ever testing for nicotine use. It really informs you whether cotinine is detected within the sample or otherwise.

While using pipette, you just transfer a little area of the urine sample in to the drug testing cassette also it provides you with an effect following a couple of minutes.

The Alere™ iScreen® OFD (Dental Fluid Device), is really a saliva-based nicotine test that picks up cotinine (the main metabolite of nicotine). It is possible to administer via dental swab which is securely self-contained. The outcomes can be found within ten minutes and therefore are 98% accurate.

The iScreen® OFD enables testing to become given in the worksite, with any size population, at a price considerably less than lab-based testing. In contrast to urine testing, you don't require specialized collection facilities or same-gender enthusiasts.

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