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August 31, 2016
Designated Smoking Areas on

No SmokingSince June 2013, UH has known as itself a tobacco-free campus. Designated areas continue to be labeled round the campus, and all sorts of is allegedly well.

Regardless of the official rules, smoking appears to be an problem throughout campus. People can nonetheless be found smoking outdoors the designated areas, before structures such as the M.D. Anderson Library.

You can question why students continue to be smoking everywhere on campus. The reply is the policy is effectively pointless.

The College hasn't implemented a good approach to enforcing the “rule.”

Based on the FAQ portion of the smoking policy, individuals smoking outdoors of designated areas on campus are susceptible to a stern, yet caring, email. Students will also be urged to tell violators from the smoking policy and request these to stop.

Having a policy very easy to disregard, there's little need to stick to the rule. People who smoke on busy pathways might be a pain, but there's absolutely nothing that you can do about this.

Integrated communications senior Carolina Fernandez stated she thinks the policy is a great one, but must be enforced and adopted. Fernandez stated she props up smoking areas and thinks students should have the ability to walk around campus and feel at ease.

“When it’s outdoors the designated areas it can make me uncomfortable. It isn't just the smell, but it is also hazardous to health. Personally, I'd be okay when they banned smoking completely, ” Fernandez stated. “But I actually do would like it to be fair for everybody. If you are likely to smoke, respect the guidelines and individuals who don’t smoke.”

Presently, you will find many round the College that don't respect their fellow class mates and school. Individuals who do not smoke outdoors designated areas or on campus whatsoever are worse off they aren’t in a position to steer clear of the second-hands smoke from violators before structures or on busy pathways.

As the blame for such behavior depends on the smoking violators, whether or not they are unaware of the guidelines or just inconsiderate, the University’s current selection of enforcement also leads to the regularity from the violations.

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