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August 21, 2017
Milford Board of Health

For the time being, the way forward for a smoke-free campus at UGA continues to be undecided.

“The board and committee talked about that today — which will sit up for grabs for thirty days, ” stated John Millsaps, connect vice chancellor for media and guides for that Board of Regents. “The tentative plans for your policy and whatever is going to be final to return prior to the board for potential action and election in Feb.”

If passed, the insurance policy would prohibit all on-campus cigarette smoking, with the help of electric cigarettes, to greater than 30 public schools and colleges in Georgia.

When the policy shouldn't pass, students for example Abbey Meller would still advocate for that policy in the College of Georgia.

“I want to try to have people who smoke and nonsmokers arrived at some agreement if your complete smoking prohibit isn’t within the cards at this time, ” she stated.

“I don’t always support restricting anyone’s privileges, however i think the main focus and need for this problem is making UGA’s campus a contented and rut for those people — nonsmokers and people who smoke alike, ” she stated.

Numerous schools within the condition allow smoking on campus, however, many make efforts to limit smoking areas much like UGA’s restrictions this year.

Georgia Condition College introduced on-campus smoking restrictions in 1988, when no-smoking signs were placed around campus, based on Georgia State’s policy. No-smoking treatment centers were also established on campus in 1990, and the newest restrictions barred smoking “within a 25-feet radius of College building entrances” in 2003, based on the policy.

But SGA Senator for that College of Family and Consumer Sciences Tyler Baker stated the insurance policy ought to be any nothing.

“Originally, kind of my argument then was ‘let’s go all in and prohibit it entirely or let’s have no rules whatsoever about this, ’” he stated. “I would likely support an entire prohibit, instead of what we should have at this time — a hodgepodge of rules that can’t be enforced, so an entire prohibit is preferable to what we now have.Inches

Baker stated he's not a problem with people who smoke on campus — he holds the privileges of people who smoke. But guidelines not correctly enforced is really a “disservice” with other students on campus, he stated.

However the on-campus smoking prohibit isn't completely dead for UGA, thinking about the steps Athens Technical College required to prohibit on-campus smoking in '09.

“The students had made complaints about smoking on campus, plus they wanted it addressed, ” stated Andrea Daniel, v . p . for student matters at ATC.

Like the issues at UGA, students at ATC demonstrated concern for that by-product smoking on campus triggered.

“It was the smoke and also the health problems that frequently accompany smoking, ” Daniel stated. “We also had a great number of students who expressed these were allergic to smoke. They would need to walk by to get at a door, which would create problems on their behalf using their breathing.”

ATC labored along with other institutions to tell other students, faculty and staff around the potential change.

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