E-cigs banned

January 4, 2016
E-Cigs banned in U of A

Office of Mark LenoOffice of Mark LenoYesterday a California legislator introduced an invoice that will add electric cigarettes to that particular state's Smoke-Free Place of work Law, therefore barring vaping everywhere that smoking is prohibited, including offices, bars, restaurants, stores, schools, and hospitals. "No tobacco product ought to be exempt from California's smoke-free laws and regulations due to the fact it's offered inside a modern or trendy disguise, " declared Sen. Mark Leno (D-Bay Area).

Since e-cigarette aren't tobacco items, that explanation is puzzling. In addition, since e-cigarettes don't generate smoke, it's odd to prohibit vaping within the title of maintaining smoke-free places of work.

The depth of Leno's confusion is further revealed within an interview with Reuters. "Regardless of whether you get people totally hooked on e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes, it's nicotine addiction also it kills, " he told this news service. "We are likely to see 100s of 1000's of family people and buddies die from e-cigarette use, much like we did from traditional tobacco use."

Departing aside the issue of just how harmful secondhand smoke is (and also the question of who must decide smoking rules on private property), there's no evidence the vapor from e-cigarettes poses a substantial threat to bystanders. Even though some chemicals in cigarettes happen to be detected in e-cigarette vapor, the amount tend to be lower. A 2013 study reported in Tobacco Control, for instance, discovered that "the amount of potentially harmful toxins in e-cigarette vapour are 9–450-fold less than individuals within the smoke from conventional cigarettes, and in some cases comparable using the trace amounts contained in pharmaceutical formulations [of nicotine]."

Source: reason.com
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