Tobacco-Free Workplaces

November 29, 2015
Tobacco-Free Workplaces

Tobacco use, especially secondhand smoke, may have a devastating impact on the employees, your clients, and the healthiness of your company. Tobacco free guidelines send the content that you love your employee’s safety and health. Many of the essential in light to the fact that roughly 75 % from the labor force is composed of non-people who smoke.

The outcome of applying a tobacco free policy is going to be most immediate for workers using tobacco. You are able to enable them to adapt to the tobacco free policy by:

  • Telling them prior to the brand new policy and it is implementation date
  • Letting tobacco customers know you appreciate their efforts to conform using the policy
  • Offering tobacco use cessation assistance, and supplying employees with details about local cessation programs and also the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline
  • Offering to cover tobacco cessation programs for workers as well as their covered loved ones
  • Including remedies for tobacco use and dependence like a covered health benefit

Just How Much Does Tobacco Use Set You Back?

In Oklahoma, you will find an believed 684, 063 adult people who smoke. Smoking costs an believed $3, 734.00 per smoker each year. That price is composed of $1, 791.00 in direct medical costs and $1, 943.00 in lost productivity (modified for inflation, U.S. Department at work, CPI calculation, 1998 to 2002). Factors considered in calculating these costs include:

  • Greater health care costs
  • Work time allocated to smoking breaks
  • Greater life insurance coverage premium costs
  • And the higher chances of work injuries
  • More expensive disability
  • More disciplinary actions

Allow It To Be Your Company!
Allow It To Be Your company is a curriculum made to enhance the healthiness of the employees. The curriculum is really a guide for companies to learn to implement guidelines and practices which will ensure worker health. The curriculum is a user friendly toolkit split into 3 sections: Diet, exercise and tobacco. All 3 sections give companies practical suggestions to create their very own wellness guidelines and programs for that place of work at little if any cost. We refer to this as Worksite Wellness!

Worksite Wellness Programs can:

  • Improve worker morale
  • Reduce the amount of medical claims filed by employees
  • Reduce sick days taken by employees
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Boost the work atmosphere
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