Cancer and smoking

January 28, 2016
Smoking and Breast Cancer

This graph shows the proportion of cancer patients still smoking by cancer type.

Credit: American Association for Cancer Research

Nine years after diagnosis, 9.3 % of U.S. cancer children were current people who smoke and 83 percent of those people were daily people who smoke who averaged 14.7 cigarettes each day, based on a study in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers &lifier Prevention, a journal from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

"We have to follow-up with cancer children lengthy after their diagnoses to determine whether or not they continue to be smoking and provide appropriate counseling, interventions, and possible medicines to assist them to quit, " stated Lee Westmaas, PhD, director of tobacco research in the American Cancer Society (ACS) and lead author from the study.

Roy Herbst, MD, PhD, chief of medical oncology at Yale College and chair from the AACR Tobacco and Cancer Subcommittee, who had been not associated with the research, stated within an interview the findings illustrate the scope from the problem.

"Smoking may cause new strains among cancer children that can result in secondary and extra primary cancer. It may also affect physical function and hinder the effectiveness of treatments, " Herbst stated. "We have to be aware of the and target this population for intervention."

Within the study, scientists in the ACS examined data on 2, 938 patients nine years after their diagnoses.

Smoking prevalence by cancer type:

  • bladder cancer (17.2 percent)
  • cancer of the lung (14.9 %)
  • ovarian cancer (11.6 %)
  • melanoma (7.6 %)
  • kidney cancer (7.3 %)
  • colorectal cancer (6.8 percent)

Children were more prone to smoke when they were more youthful, had less education and earnings, or drank more alcohol.

About 40 % of people who smoke stated they planned to stop over the following month, however this intention was lower among children who have been married, older, or smoked more.

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11C Smoking and Cancer
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Smoking and Lung Cancer
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