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October 12, 2016
Smoking and human rights

Your house you’re a company in Connecticut. And you need to keep the medical health insurance costs lower and promote a “healthy workplace”. In the end, its a brand new year along with a year is made for resolutions like giving up smoking.

Increasingly more companies are demanding that employees who smoke, are overweight and have high cholesterol levels shoulder a larger share of the healthcare costs, a change toward penalizing employees with unhealthy life styles instead of rewarding good habits.

Guidelines that impose financial penalties on employees have bending within the last 2 yrs to 19 percent of 248 major American companies lately interviewed. The coming year, Towers Watson, the advantages consultant that carried out laptop computer, stated the practice — among companies with a minimum of 1Thousand employees — was likely to double again.

But this kind of article overlooks a far more fundamental question: Are you able to, being an employer, mandate that employees not smoke outdoors the place of work?

Actually, in Connecticut, Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-40s is rather obvious about smokers’ “rights” which companies or agents from the employer cannot make “no smoking” an ailment of employment. Particularly, what the law states states:

No employer or agent associated with a employer shall require, like a condition of employment, that any worker or prospective worker avoid smoking or cigarette smoking items outdoors the path of his employment, or else discriminate against anyone regarding compensation, terms, conditions or rights of employment for smoking or cigarette smoking items outdoors the path of his employment, provided any nonprofit organization or corporation whose primary purpose would be to discourage utilization of tobacco items by everyone will be exempt in the provisions of the section.

The only real notable exception for this broad restriction would be that the limits don't affect firefighters and cops, typically. (For additional on smoking laws and regulations, check this out page in the Connecticut Law Library.)

With a brand new legislative session beginning inside a couple of days, will any Connecticut legislator take this as an problem?

When the past is any suggestion, then the reply is no. Just this past year, a Senate bill might have outlawed all smoking within the place of work. (Presently you will find carveouts for companies with under 5 employees.) But even that bill went lower in, ahem, flames.

A general look for other like-minded bills switched up empty. But possibly using the attention this problem continues to be receiving within the press, someone will require up.

Meanwhile, companies in Connecticut ought to be wary about following national “trends”. Before the law alterations in Connecticut, companies are restricted within their options in working with employees who smoke.

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