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December 17, 2015
welcomeIt’s a no-brainer. Switching from tobacco to vaping will help you live cleaner and cut costs. Our clients happen to be amazed how easy Vapor4Life has managed to get to make use of e-cigs.

Electric cigarettes – also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs – are an alternative choice to traditional smoking cigarettes. Electric cigarettes create a vaporized liquid that’s blown out, like the experience of smoking. Eliquids accustomed to produce vapor are available in nearly any flavor imaginable and could contain nicotine. Utilizing an e-cigarette isn’t smoking, it’s vaping.

Vaping seems like smoking, but with no smoke, tar, or smell.
It’s one minute to unwind, a minute to relax, time for you to enjoy together with your buddies.

Benefits of Vapor4Life Electric Cigarettes

Once you understand why our e-cigs are superior to traditional cigarettes, you’ll question why everybody doesn’t vape.

  • Great value.
    E-cigarettes can cost you under traditional cigarettes inside a almost no time.E-cigarette diagram Most vapers save 50-70% using Vapor4Life ecigs versus smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • Cleaner than traditional cigarettes.
    E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke simply because they don’t burn anything. No uncomfortable “smoking” fumes are left out. Existence without tar, bad smells, and dirty ashtrays reveals an entire " new world " that feels much better yet others surrounding you. Plus, utilizing an e-cigarette won’t stain your fingers and teeth.
  • Made right.
    Particulars matter. Our lithium ion batteries are examined for quality – one step most producers don’t make use of. Steve and also the Vapor4Life team test best of luck in-house prior to it going into production, which means you know you’re obtaining a premium product using the longest-lasting batteries, unmatched design, and refills and add-ons we approve 100%.
  • Goes anywhere.
    Vaping is permitted in places where smoking cigarettes isn’t like coffee shops, bookstores, bars, restaurants, along with other nonsmoking areas – because you aren't filling the environment with smoke. Enjoy Vapor4Life in your own home, within the vehicle, or perhaps in the office without having to worry about disturbing your loved ones, buddies, or colleagues.
  • A sense you’re accustomed to, without the guilt.
    Vaping can seem to be nearly the same as smoking, right lower to coming vape rings, getting that throat hit you’re accustomed to, as well as tobacco taste. (Plus, we have greater than 150 tastes to select from, so apply for an espresso flavor, a refreshing beverage, or perhaps a taste of something fruity or sweet if you prefer a little variety.) A vape break is an opportunity to escape finally, enjoy yourself.

So how exactly does an e-cigarette work?

Eliquid is saved inside a cartridge known as a cartomizer. Cartomizers come pre-full of e-liquid or blank to fill with flavored e-cigarette liquid of your liking. The cartomizer is mounted on battery power that gets hotter the liquid within the cartomizer, creating vapor.

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