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November 26, 2015
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V2 Pro Vaporizer Review: A Marvelous Magnetic Vape PenHaving your nic fix accustomed to mean illuminating a Marlboro, however with an upswing of electric cigarettes, the market's been flooded with numerous pen vapes that complete the job without having to be gigantic. So which in the event you, the neophyte vaper, choose? The V2 Professional Series 3 is a great choice.

What Exactly Is It?

The V2 Professional Series 3 may be the latest multi-medium vape from VMR Items. It handles e-fluids and, through the finish of the season with a lot more attachements, concentrates and looseleaf too, assisting you get the buzz with no smoke.

How Come It Matter?

The present generation of portable vapes fall under 1 of 2 broad groups: well-built but costly, such as the Firefly or affordable yet flimsy, such as the Sutra from GotVape (review incoming). The V2 Professional aims to find the best of both mobile phone industry's: a higher-quality, versatile, portable vape that will not set you back a leg or perhaps a leg (or perhaps a lung).


Standing just below six inches tall, roughly 1/2 inch around, and coming in at under 2 oz ., the V2 Professional is fairly standard searching pocket-sized black aluminum tube. But unlike the leagues of other nondescript vape pens currently available, the V2 Professional requires a unique method of controlling its electrical connections: Magnets.

V2 Pro Vaporizer Review: A Marvelous Magnetic Vape PenThe mouthpiece and material tank pull from the body like a unit and therefore are locked in place with a small magnet, out of the box the USB charging cable. There's absolutely nothing to screw into or from, therefore virtually getting rid of the risks of mix threads or getting hash oil seep in to the seams and jam in the unit. It is a small detail, however it helps to make the difference on the planet.

Utilizing It

Loading readily stored away easy, simply provide the mouthpiece a small tug to disengage the magento-lock, then unscrew it in the 1.6 ml tank (ranked to 800 puffs per fill), inject your preferred e-liquid in to the canister, and reassemble. Energy in the 650mAh battery power is controlled through the unit's single face button. Press it three occasions within two seconds to lock or unlock the V2, then press and hold it to activate the 338-degree F (170 degree C) heat tank.

You cannot select a specific temperature setting using the V2, although the preset level is virtually ideal. Under another, the mouth area fills with thick piles of vapor—it's crazy, you do not even have to inhale. The one thing produces a lot vapor.

Charging is every bit easy, simply plug the incorporated USB charger right into a port and hang another finish against the bottom of the pen to interact the magneto-lock. A diamond ring Brought in the base will glow red-colored while charging then turn eco-friendly when it is ready to be used. You may also make use of the pen while it's charging, an excellent handy feature not frequently present in sub-$100 vapes.

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