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June 16, 2015
Become confused and think

E-cig_map_12-7-15E-cigarettes are battery-operated products accustomed to inhale nicotine along with other chemicals. Several Minnesota metropolitan areas have restricted their purchase and employ, and condition congress have suggested adding these to the liberty to Breathe Act.

At ClearWay MinnesotaSM, we support efforts to incorporate these items in public places guidelines that affect cigarettes. There's not an appearance of evidence around the results of using or just being around e-cigarettes, and permitting a mystery substance for use in indoor public facilities will be a step backwards for climate. We realize that e-cigarettes are offered in chocolate and fruit tastes which are shown to have appeal for youth.

A poll funded by Blue Mix and Blue Shield of Minnesota in Feb of 2014 discovered that Minnesotans strongly support including e-cigarettes in guidelines that restrict smoking in public areas. 70-nine percent stated they support barring e-cigarette use within places where smoking has already been banned. The poll also discovered that 98 percent of Minnesotans support barring e-cigarette sales to minors, and 87 percent feel e-cigarettes ought to be stored behind the counter in shops.

Source: clearwaymn.org
E-cigarette policy blurry among businesses
E-cigarette policy blurry among businesses
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