E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

September 24, 2016
We ve heard in the news this

Ecigarette the likes of to state that customers of the items can “Smoke anywhere!” Based on the recent Businessweek article “E-Cigarettes Would Like Your Attention Now (Prior to the Food and drug administration Stages In), ” electric cigarettes are “expected to top $1 billion in annual sales within the next couple of years.” Because the industry develops tremendously, companies may question if employees possess a right to make use of electric cigarettes within the place of work.

What grounds do we must limit or prohibit their use?
In most cases, private companies can set reasonable limitations on employees’ activities within the place of work. Obviously, you’re prohibited from implementing rules or setting prohibitions that will discriminate based on a legally protected status. It’s now very common web hosting companies to limit or stop smoking, along with other kinds of activities, on their own premises.

Electric cigarettes have lately end up being the rage like a safer option to traditional smoking. Generally, employees don't have any right to make use of electric cigarettes within the place of work. To reply to your question about banning e-cigarettes inside your place of work, let’s have a look back and discuss smoking guidelines and just how to cope with undesirable place of work activities.

Not within our place of work!
Smoking within the place of work used to be socially acceptable. But because safe practices issues found light, companies started to limit smoking within the place of work. Barring smoking also assisted prevent fire, work- related injuries, and also the company’s contact with potential liability. Consequently, many companies placed limits on or implemented restrictions on smoking within the place of work.

In deciding to limit or prohibit a task at the office, you need to weigh the pros and cons of these a choice. You will find many things to consider, such as the size and makeup of the labor force, design from the building, and the kind of work being carried out from your employees. Banning certain activities might cause significant morale problems among the employees, that could affect productivity. Thus, the very best practice would be to base any place of work prohibit on the legitimate business reason.

Ultimately, however, you need to have the ability to set reasonable restrictions in your employees’ activities at the office. Good examples of these restrictions incorporate a prohibit on mobile phones, banning use of Facebook, barring eating and consuming in a few areas, and placing limits on activities that pose safety concerns or hinder employees’ capability to do their jobs. This might likewise incorporate using electric cigarettes.

You might want to consider dealing with electric cigarettes exactly the same way you treat traditional cigarettes. Should you give a designated position for smoking, you may decide to adopt an insurance policy that limits the smoking of electric cigarettes towards the same area. You may even wish to permit using e-cigarettes only throughout scheduled smoke breaks or, should you prohibit smoking altogether, prohibit using electric cigarettes too.

Exactly what the law states
Some states have laws and regulations barring companies from controlling smoking by employees outdoors the place of work. Thus, when you are liberated to stop employees from smoking at the office, you can't dictate whether or not they smoke or use tobacco items outdoors the place of work.

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