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November 11, 2016
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American Spirit cigarettes are created by Santa Further ed Natural Tobacco Company (SFNTC), that is a subsidiary of Reynolds American Corporation. (RAI). RAI can also be parent company to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.


The category action suit alleges the accused fraudulently promoted American Spirit cigarettes by utilizing deceitful terms and making claims meant to suggest to customers that American Spirits are more healthy, safer, and offer a lesser chance of tobacco-related disease than other tobacco items.

The category includes all persons within the U . s . States who bought American Spirit cigarettes, beginning from the time these were introduced in to the marketplace through August 27, 2015.

Because that's the date the U.S. Fda, the Food and drug administration, required the unparalleled step of giving an alert letter to SFNTC for violations from the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act because of a few of the claims that it's making concerning the American Spirit cigarette.

The Santa Further ed Natural Tobacco Company began in 1982, by a writer as well as an acupuncturist, using the idea, based on certainly one of its founding people, “to create a natural tobacco product, an unadulterated tobacco product.” 3 years later, in 1985, the organization introduced its first cigarettes, the initial American Spirit. On the way, the merchandise title transformed from Original American Spirit to Natural American Spirit. And thus it appears that the possibility class could include people who smoke of yankee Spirit going dating back to the mid-eighties.

In 2002, Reynolds American Corporation. bought the Santa Further ed Natural Tobacco Company.

Through the years, advertising and marketing claims through the accused regarding its product have incorporated “natural, ” “additive free, ” “100% additive free, ” “organic, ” “unadulterated tobacco product, ” “certified organic tobacco, ” and “100% natural.” As the companies would not acknowledge why they will use these terms making these claims in advertising, the intention is apparent: to provide customers the sense that Natural American Spirit cigarettes pose less health problems compared to “regular” cigarette.

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