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January 11, 2015
Smokefree Rockquest – New
Smoking has many negative health effects including increased risk of developing diseases such as:

Do you know the health results of smoking?

  • stroke and cardiovascular disease
  • cancer from the lung, mouth area, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus and pancreas
  • illnesses from the urinary system, pelvis, bladder and digestive system
  • blindness.

Smoking causes about 25% of cancer deaths in Nz, and one inch every 10 deaths worldwide. Around 5Thousand New Zealanders die every year fom smoking-related ailments (4, 700 from smoking and around 350 from second-hands smoke).

Second-hands smoke, where non-people who smoke inhale the smoke of others around them, may cause cardiovascular disease, cancer of the lung, stroke, bronchial asthma and also the worsening of bronchial asthma signs and symptoms, eye and nasal irritation and nasal sinus cancer. Exposure of non-smoking women to second-hands smoke throughout pregnancy can help to eliminate foetal growth, and it is connected with Cot Death. Around 350 New Zealanders die every year due to contact with the other party's cigarettes.

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How can i choose details about giving up smoking?

Numerous Nz websites have details about the advantages and giving up smoking, and just how to stop.

Who are able to I call to speak to someone about giving up and also to get inexpensive patches and gum?

Using the nicotine patch and gum can double your odds of giving up.

What are the Smokefree programmes setup for youth?

Smoking Not Our Future may be the current, direct-to-youth initiative that utilizes recommendations from high-profile music, media and sport personas to provide a number of smokefree messages. You can view past and offer television ads and past celebrities’ behind-the-moments videos. You will find also giving up tips, viral games, along with a Twitter feed.

What kind of laws and regulations does Nz have about smoking?

Nz has strong tobacco control legislation, including restrictions on tobacco advertising and sponsorship, the purchase of any nicotine products to individuals under 18 many on smoking on trains and buses.

Indoor places of work are needed to become smokefree, including bars, restaurants, clubs, casinos, offices, industrial facilities, warehouses and work canteens. Schools and early childhood centres will also be needed to become smokefree whatsoever occasions – including within their grounds.

How can i create a complaint basically think a smokefree law continues to be damaged?

To complain in regards to a breach of recent Zealand’s smokefree legislation, speak to a smokefree officer at the local public health service.

Can One get assist in approaching my council about smokefree outside places?

Numerous local authorities around Nz have introduced smokefree guidelines for his or her parks, play grounds, sports fields, pools and/or any other outside areas. These guidelines generally depend on signs and education and, though not strictly enforced, are usually well based on the general public.

What's World Smokefree Day and just how can one discover about this?

World Smokefree Day (known elsewhere on the planet as World No Tobacco Day) is yearly marketed through the World Health Organization (WHO) on 31 May. The day's activities change from nation to nation.

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