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May 11, 2017
Smoking ban extended to patios

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To safeguard and enhance our indoor quality of air and also to lead towards the health insurance and well-being of employees, the (Company Title) will be entirely smokeless effective (date). Furthermore, effective (date), using all tobacco items, including eating tobacco, is banned in the (Company) place of work, except as designated within this policy.

Smoking is prohibited in most from the enclosed areas inside the (Company) worksites, without exception.

Including common work areas, the manufacturing facilities, classes, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, hallways, the lunchrooms, stairs, bathrooms, employer possessed or leased automobiles, and all sorts of other enclosed facilities.

The only real designated smoking area in (Company) is outdoors, around the far west finish from the building, inside the fenced-in area.

Nobody may smoke along any path way or walk way resulting in or in the designated smoking area, nor may employees smoke in the have a picnic tables nor outdoors most of the grassy areas or even the parking lots.

Furthermore, employees may smoke within their personal automobiles, however the smoke and tobacco items should be completely contained inside the vehicle. It's not acceptable that either smoking or non-smoking workers are exposed to smoke that they have to walk-through to achieve their vehicle or other destination around the (Company) premises.

As the (Company) makes them areas open to people who smoke, it by no means has any responsibility to do this. Employees who opt for these smoking areas achieve this in their own risk.

No additional breaks are permitted to the worker who smokes.

Finally, people who smoke and customers of tobacco items must get rid of the remains within the proper containers. This keeps a clean and neat atmosphere for those employees and our going to partners and clients.

Failure to conform with all the aspects of this insurance policy can lead to disciplinary action that may run up to and can include employment termination.

I acknowledge receipt of and knowledge of the (Your Organization) Smokeless Place of work Policy. The insurance policy works well (Date) until further notice.


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