No smoking in the House

May 5, 2017
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A selection of fruit-flavored e-cigarettes. The bill does not ban flavoring.The Brand New Haven Independent

“No smoking” signs would affect using electric cigarettes under legislation passed late Thursday evening through the condition House of Reps and delivered to the Senate.

The Home chosen 99 to 46 for any bill that basically would subject “electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products” towards the same laws and regulations as smoking.

The American Vaping Association, which signifies e-cigarette shops, had attempted to convince legislators that vaping would be a more healthy replacement for smoking.

"They aren't safe, but they're less unsafe as cigarettes, " conceded Repetition. Bob Godfrey, D-Danbury, a sponsor from the bill.

"I believe it's most likely much better than cigarettes in the finish during the day, " stated Repetition. Matthew Ritter, D-Hartford, co-chair from the Public Health Committee.

But Ritter stated vaping still shipped nicotine, and evidence was presented in a public hearing that there's for example factor as second-hands vaping mist.

Repetition. Brenda Kupchick, R-Fairfield, chosen from the bill, saying vaping assisted her.

"Frankly, I do not think I could have been capable of quitting smoking without e-cigarettes, " Kupchick stated, adding, "It's type of a deterrent for individuals to need to go outdoors."

Repetition. James Albis, D-East Haven, chosen from the bill, saying it wasn't sufficiently stringent. Albis complained that it didn't prohibit fruit-flavored e-cigarettes, that they states are promoted to children.

No Smoking Song
No Smoking Song
No Smoking In The House (Remix) - Earhart Echo
No Smoking In The House (Remix) - Earhart Echo
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